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At Green Touch Landscaping services, we are proud to offer a number of professional individual services to each of our customers. We are complimented frequently on our attention to detail, timely services, and creative solutions.

Green Touch Landscaping is licensed and insured. We practice a firm commitment to our customers’ satisfaction by consistently providing superior work on budget and on time. Green Touch Landscaping Company has a solution for your home or business that will enhance your curb appeal and leave a lasting positive impression on your visitors. Click the button below to learn more about our services.

Contractors Are The Difference

Just a note to say what a difference a contractor makes. Green Touch landscaping has made a remarkable difference in our community in the short space of time they’ve been here. I certainly hope we can keep them. They’re doing a tremendous job. It feels like the original days of when I first moved to our community.

Mar 7, 2022

Returning The Beauty To My Community

The Landscape crew came this morning and filled in the holes behind my home and a few other houses on Woodlake Road. Hopefully, the grass will grow and look nice and green again! I also appreciate the mulch that was omitted on my property.

You are doing a great job in Woodmore and we appreciate it!

Mr. Horton

Mar 7, 2022

Fantastic Experience

You are on the top of your game! The Community trusts GreenTouch Landscaping because they trust YOU! In this business we get more complaints than compliments, you are deserving of the compliments!

Community Manager, Laurel MD

Community Manager
Feb 4, 2022

When you need the right team you call GreenTouch Landscaping